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People Behind the Curtain: Our Board

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our board is made up of a very passionate group of artists and enthusiasts - all with local roots to the region. Most have full-time jobs, but also dedicate time and effort to enhancing art-related events and programs back to the TCRA area. 

Our Story

TCRA was originally the Perry County Arts Council (PCAC) when it was first created in 1995. Today, we have three of the original members - all are officers of the Board. Having the historical knowledge of the original arts council, this trio brought great insight on previous fundraising efforts, recruiting members, all while bringing their creativity to event and program development.

With the lack of funding and a facility requiring ongoing maintenance (the former Franklin School), it was decided to dissolve the Perry County Arts Council and direct any funds into a foundation for future art-related uses. Fast-forward to 2005, and changing the PCAC name, the Tell City Regional Arts (Association) was reorganized with the same mission and vision as its original founding members, but with a small fund  left to kickstart its initiatives. 

As with any non-profit, volunteers became less, as did the TCRA programs and events. In 2017, and nearly three years inactive, a new group of passionate artists put it back into motion. Since that time, the organization has increased awareness and promoted the arts two-fold! It has increased its member roster and the number and type of events.


Today, TCRA has a new home located at the former Swiss Plywood Building - The Swiss Art Center. This location has ample space to provide inhouse art-related events, including a room for music and a theater, which our new Swiss Players will provide theater experiences throughout the year.

Meet the TCRA Board


Pat Jarboe

Original Founder & Board President


Colleen Reed

Board Member & Art Instructor

Coll Neu Photography + Colleen Reed Fine Art


Tony Hollinden

Original Member & Board Vice President


Charity Smith

Board Treasurer & Member Services


Katie Pappano

Original Member, Board Secretary


Nathan Jochum

Board Member

Shelly Goodrich

Board Member and Class Instructor

Good Life Designs

Rome Flores

Board Member
Studio Rome

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