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FEBRUARY 2023 - Our exhibition will feature works painted on, printed on, constructed with or featuring PAPER. The gallery will be open to view throughout the month of February, but will have a ceremony-opening GALA on Saturday Feb 11. The event, and guidelines for entering the show are below - DOWNLOAD the application. 

ART DROP OFF: Monday, Jan 30th, 4-6pm

PICK UP: Thursday, March 2, 5-7pm

apr23 gallery.jpg

APRIL 2023 - We are celebrating EARTH DAY with our Recycled Materials exhibition during the month of April. This year, our theme will be FLORA. Works submitted for the show must be created with recycled or up cycled materials, and is suggested to fit the theme. 

Open hours to view this gallery exhibition:
Saturday, April 8 from 10a-1pm // Gallery Opener + FREE Collage Workshop

Saturday, April 15 from 10am-12noon
Saturday, April 22 from 10am-4pm // Dogwood tours and EARTH DAY!

ART DROP OFF: Monday, April 3, 4-6pm

PICK UP: Thursday, May 4, 5-7pm

Pink Multi Product Sale Collage Instagram Post.jpg

OCTOBER 2023 - Calling all artists for art in the SKY. All 2D and 3D mediums accepted. SKY incorporates all things that FLY (birds, planes, balloons, insects) and the natural landscapes. Renditions or reality, we want to see it all! More detailed guidelines will be included here soon!

ART DROP OFF: Monday, October 2, 4-6pm

PICK UP: Thursday, November 2, 5-7pm



On display the month of December 2023. Prize winners and show featuring LOCAL artists. All ages.


ART DROP OFF: Monday, November 27, 4-6pm

PICK UP: Thursday, Jan 4, 5-7pm

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