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Harry Potter Experience / YEAR 3

SUNDAY, MARCH 24 FROM 2 - 4 PM | Tickets On Sale NOW! Enjoy the plot highlights and mystical classes showcased in Prisoner of Azkaban as we bring another year of Harry Potter to Tell City, Indiana! Witches and Wizards can ask their magical or muggle parents to purchase a ticket for just $10. (link to tickets here)

Step onto the Knight's Bus as Stan greets you into the facility. First stop of the day is Divination with Prof Trelawney (Tea Leaf Readings) and Prof Kalpakidis (Tarot Readings). Enjoy a delicious treat of butter beer and candies from Honeyduke's. After a fun snack, we will help make your Guide to Magical Creatures book and head out to Hagrid's Pumpkin patch.

We have some tricks and dazzles up our sleeves and don't want to give everything away. Bring your wands, and get your cloaks ready for another fun year!

Enjoy some images from last year's event! Please note: we have moved our facility to 1020 11th Street, Tell City. It is NOT in the same building as last year.

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