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TCRA Theater Camp - A Success!

TCRA Board President, Pat Jarboe, coordinated a well-attended theater camp for local 6th through 12th grade students. What originated from this camp was a booked two-show performance called "Curtain & Clef", opening night is the same evening as the TCRA Grand Opening. There is a minimum attendance of 50 for each evening, both are sold out!

This performance would not be possible without the engagement of those "behind the scenes". We would like to extend our thanks to our all-in-one, Pat Jarboe, and our staff: Sharilyn Franzman, Sheila Ferguson, Tom Wellman, Tom Tignor, Kyle Vincent, Cindia Ress, Bekah Rusert, Joan Hess, Billy Weedman, and special thanks to the Perry County Port Authority and Logos.

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