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March Events at TCRA!

Back by popular demand, our 2nd Annual Harry Potter Experience will be hosted on Sunday March 26th from 2-5pm. $10 entry for any participating witch or wizard. There are several new activity stations, so if you joined us last year, come again! This year's event features a trip to the greenhouse with Prof Sprout, a Quidditch lesson, more goodies from Honeydukes, and a new Charms lessons. This year, we are partnering with Perry County Public Library and they are reading you the Tale of Three Brothers! Try your best password guess with the Fat Lady to enter, make your wand at Ollivander's and an Undesirable No. 1 selfie station.

In preparation for Easter and back again in 2023, Katie is offering four Ukrainian Egg decorating classes. March 12 (2pm + 4pm) and March 19 (2pm + 4pm) $20 / participant.

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